Silver Sparrow scarves are hand-picked, sheer pieces of fabric that can make you look and feel as delicate as a flower or as vibrant and lively as an ocean wave.

Silver Sparrow scarves are created from our imagination and inspiration from around the planet. We focus on high quality fabrics, stylish designs and unique art-work. Scarves that liven up a dress, match those shoes or can be tied to the handbag. They make a perfect gift too!

Meg Vaish (founder of Silver Sparrow) believes, “Fashion is all about feeling good while looking good. A nice accessory or a dress can make you look good. And it feels good to know the product is handcrafted and comes from an ethical source. That is how Silver Sparrow Scarves came about. Equipped with a Masters degree in International Trade and years of experience I started Silver Sparrow in Fall 2014. I created a product that looks good and comes from a good source. Silver Sparrow Scarves are handcrafted using traditional methods such as tie-dyeing and legacy print art from around the world. They are a blend of traditional and modern, a mix of ancient arts enhanced by modern techniques."

A Silver Sparrow scarf is not just an accessory. It is beauty. It is fashion.

Mission: From Craftsmen to the Customer
We take pride in being a business with a conscious. We aim to offer quality designer scarves at a reasonable price by bringing excellence directly from Craftsmen to the Customer.
About our fabrics
We have chosen the softest Satin, the sheerest Chiffon and most light weight Cotton to go around your dainty neck.
Voile or cotton of the softest variety is one of the all time favourites. Its semi-sheer gossamer makes it light weight and you will love the velvety feel. Falling into soft folds these scarves are all-purpose and all-season must haves.
Satin is absolutely classy with a shimmering lustre and smooth texture. We have gone far and out to bring the most unique and rare prints on this glossy yet warm fabric.
Chiffon is all about light and lovely. This translucent material is light as a feather and can be easily folded into the tiniest of hand bags.
Silk, both pure and artificial, is a symbol of beauty and finesse. Have a look at our lightly crinkled variety of silk.
Happily Handcrafted

All Silver Sparrow scarves are handcrafted in India by talented craftsmen, embroiderers and seamstresses. The materials are trimmed and stitched using basic hand held tools and very little machinery. The result is simple and a piece of true artistry.

We encourage and promote skills and traditions that have been passed on from generations and hope to bring to you something unique and beautiful.


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Never miss a scarf

Silver sparrow scarves are delivered in parcels that are mailbox friendly. Our safe and pretty packaging ensures delivery direct to your home or office through a standard letter slot.

So, never miss your favourite Silver Sparrow scarf!

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